Completed, Documentary

About This Project

Genre: Documentary

Length: 24′

Director: Andrés Bartos

Producers: Lucija Stojevic & Andrés Bartos

Client: Red Bull Media House

Delegate producer: Noon Films S.L.

Completion: 2020

Generations: SAMBA is a behind-the-scenes journey to the heart of Brazil to discover the incredible variety and depth across three generations of musicians and dancers. From the legendary Elza Soares, at 90 years considered “the singer of the millenium” and still transforming the artform, to Dedé, an 18 year old Passista dancer, preparing for the most important carnaval parade of her life. From the roots of samba in Salvador de Bahía, where samba was born from resistance to the incorporation of hip hop on the streets of Rio, different generations of artists reveal a complex and varied artform that is searching for its “scream”, its voice in a society that is transforming. Part of Red Bull Media House’s GENERATIONS series.

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